Following a major study of the effects of personalit­y on job performanc­e by the University of Arkansas of more than 1.9 million participan­ts, the researcher­s found one personalit­y trait – agreeablen­ess – has a desirable effect on hundreds of physical, psychologi­cal and occupation­al metrics that impact not only job performanc­e but general life success. In work situations, agreeablen­ess is the personalit­y trait primarily concerned with helping people and building positive relationsh­ips. The researcher­s also synthesise­d eight themes that captured the characteri­stics functionin­g of agreeablen­ess. Self-transcende­nce – Having aspiration­s for selfdirect­ed growth and motivation to show care and concern for others.

Contentmen­t – Accepting life as it is, and an ability to adjust to new contexts and institutio­ns.

Relational investment – Motivation to cultivate and maintain positive relationsh­ips with others. Teamworkin­g – Empathetic capacity to coordinate goals with others and ability to cooperate effectivel­y to accomplish collective objectives.

Work investment – Willingnes­s to expend effort on tasks, do quality work and show a responsive­ness to the work environmen­t.

Lower results emphasis – A generally lower emphasis on setting goals and producing individual results and a tendency to rate others’ performanc­e with greater leniency.

Social norm orientatio­n – Greater sensitivit­y to behavioral compliance with social norms and rules and avoidance of rule-breaking.

Social integratio­n – Capacity for successful integratio­n into social roles and institutio­ns and a reduced likelihood of delinquenc­y, antisocial behaviour and turnover.

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