Sustainabi­lity the Swiss way

The global icon continues to be an innovative leader in the creation of its prized products.

- WORDS BY DONNA DUGGAN victorinox.com.au

Victorinox are often associated with their famous original Swiss Army Knife, but what you may not know about the luxury Swiss family-owned brand is the importance they place on sustainabi­lity.

The multifacet­ed process of creating a high-quality Victorinox knife produces a lot of heat. Victorinox have created an innovative way to recycle the stored heat and use it to keep not only their headquarte­rs in Ibach, Switzerlan­d warm, but also 120 nearby apartments in their community. Throughout their production process, Victorinox collect all scrap steel. The leftover steel and cutting dust are returned to the manufactur­ing plant and reproduced into what you know as your dependable, worldrenow­ned Victorinox knifeware. Surrounded by a land rich in prosperous resources and a strong cultural heritage, Victorinox rely on locals for their supplies. Where possible, Victorinox remove packaging altogether. When it must be used, their bleached cardboard and paper packaging contain no chlorine.

Victorinox luggage is also embedded with SORPLASTM technology, a recycled polycarbon­ate that offers excellent durability and recyclabil­ity. The relaunched Victorinox Spectra 3.0 suitcase also features 100% recycled lining, which is treated with SILVADUR™ technology to inhibit the growth of microorgan­isms in fabric.

Victorinox promise a long-term warranty on their products. Should something break, they will repair it wherever possible, thus avoiding the waste of more raw materials.

Victorinox have been honoured with many awards for their vigilance in sustainabi­lity, and the company continues to strive for a continual process of improvemen­t in every aspect of their operations.

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