The savviest partygoers choose the right products to keep makeup going long and strong. Here’s our guide to keep you looking gorgeous till the wee hours.


When you feel confident and feel like you look your best, a party can be a lot of fun. The best nights out start with a relaxed ease and a bit of excitement about getting ready.

If wearing makeup is part of that preparatio­n, there are a few things you can do to ensure it stays in place and looks fresh and fabulous – no matter what time the event wraps up.


Makeup lasts well when it is applied to well-prepared and hydrated skin. That means carrying out a consistent skincare routine in the weeks prior and cleansing and hydrating skin adequately on the day. A gentle but thorough exfoliatio­n the day before will also help with a natural glow and smooth makeup applicatio­n.

“Choose a light but hydrating moisturise­r,” advises Kath Gould, editorial and celebrity makeup artist. She suggests Dermalogic­a’s Calm Water Gel for hydration without compromisi­ng the longevity of your foundation. “If you go too heavy on your creams you’ll find your makeup doesn’t set on your skin and will slide around. Give it a chance to absorb before applying makeup.”

She suggests forgoing eye creams. “Even the longest-lasting mascara will get broken down over time if there’s oil in the region,” says Gould.


A makeup primer gives anything applied on top something to grip on to as well as minimising oil if you’re prone to shine. You can apply all over the face or just where makeup tends to crease or fade.

L’Oréal Paris Senior Makeup Artist Gabe Henderson recommends L’Oréal’s Infaillibl­e line as its products are designed to wear well, minimise skin imperfecti­ons and even out texture, and are smudge-proof.

“They won’t move until you clean them off, but stay fresh-looking at all times,’’ says Henderson, picking the Infallible Matte Primer as one she always uses.

She then applies L’Oréal Paris Infallible Freshwear Liquid Foundation. “It’s a medium-to-full coverage foundation with a gorgeous finish that isn’t drying. For a lighter coverage, this can be mixed with a little bit of moisturise­r or serum.” Meanwhile, internatio­nal makeup artist Kiekie Stanners suggests taking the time to layer product in stages and likes to use M.A.C Cosmetics’ Studio Fix line of foundation­s, concealers and powders. “Apply a wash of foundation first, then specifical­ly add extra foundation or concealer in areas that makeup can shift from, like the T-zone [forehead, nose and chin] and under eyes. Set this area only with a very light powder.

“I like to go back over this area again with a liquid concealer to double-set by using a beauty blender and pressing in gently.”

After foundation is done, consider judicious use of powder. “Setting is important for a look that lasts all day,’’ says Henderson. “A light powdering, especially under the eyes and through the centre of the face, will help to keep your foundation and concealer from creasing or becoming shiny. Lastly, I give a few pumps of L’Oréal Infallible Magic Setting Spray,” she adds.


It’s not only your face that needs a good base. Prepping eyelids with foundation and then an eyeshadow base will also help with longevity and increase the intensity of any colour added on top. It also prevents your eye look from creasing, says Stanners. “Always start with a long-wear cream

[eyeshadow product or primer] all over the eyelids first before starting with any powder or liner products. Any colour is fine, but a warm neutral can be used under any style of eye makeup you desire.”

Finish eyes with a waterproof mascara. It will ensure there’s no pigment dropdown or panda eye smudging, even if your skin gets warm when you hit the dance floor!


No matter how good your products are, if you’re wearing them for many hours, a quick refresh is often needed.

“There are certain areas of the face that are prone to makeup moving: under the eyes, through the hotspot T-zone and on eyelids, so this is where I would be checking first,’’ says Stanners.

“Before reapplying any new colour, press makeup back into the skin with a beauty blender type sponge first. You want to press any creasing away and make sure to create the illusion of real skin first. You don’t want to set any creasing in place any longer!” adds Stanners.

Next she applies a light face mist that is designed to softly hydrate and refresh foundation and bring a glow back to the skin before touching up with a long-wear liquid concealer.

Gould also likes a concealer stick or wand like Tarte’s Shape Tape to retouch any blemishes and shares a genius tip for quickly removing any stray colour.

“Before leaving the house, saturate a couple of cotton buds with a micellar water makeup remover [she likes Bioderma Sensibo H20 Micellar Water] and wrap in clingwrap. Later on it’s a fast and easy way to clean up smudged undereyes on the go.”

The creamy coverage of L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation In a Powder is Henderson’s touch-up go-to.

“It’s a full-coverage powder foundation that I dab on with a finger or the sponge to cover spots that might appear, or to take the shine off my T-zone,” says Henderson.

If you don’t want to add extra product, Maybelline NZ Makeup Director Gee Pikinga suggests using makeup blotting papers instead to absorb shine. “It will draw excess moisture and oil from the skin before re-powdering with whatever you like to use. Moisture ‘grabs’ powder, so failure to blot only makes our skin look heavier, cakier and as it thickens, more ashy.”

Pikinga also uses Maybelline Fit Me Loose Finishing Powder for touch-ups as it blurs pores and it is very lightweigh­t.

When it comes to your lips, a bold lip is a mainstay of a ‘going out’ look, but colour can grab on a flaky, dry pout, so gently exfoliatin­g with a lip scrub and then using a lip balm can be helpful. “I will often moisturise my clients’ lips before blow-drying or styling hair and then remove with a textured wipe or cloth prior to applying colour,’’ says Kath Gould.

She also likes using lip stains where makeup isn’t likely to be touched up, as they don’t require surveillan­ce all evening.

Stanners still loves a classic bullet lipstick but uses lip liner to anchor it. “Using a lip pencil all over the lips first prior to adding lipstick gives a base that provides colour even after a cream has worn away. The Charlotte Tilbury range of lip pencils is incredible – creamy to apply, comfortabl­e to wear and stay in place beautifull­y!”


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