Since we heard Candice Martin’s story, she moved out of her mum’s place, entered a relationsh­ip, and found regular employment. She’s now working for a range of agencies, picking up jobs whenever she gets the call-up in roles such as labourer, pick packer and traffic controller. But her sights have turned to carving out a career for herself. “I am thinking of going back to study - I’m really in interested in landscapin­g and gardening,” she says.

When it comes to her sobriety, she is grateful for the quality of life she enjoys now that she is clean. “When you wake up in the morning sober, it’s great to just spring out of bed, full of happiness,” she says.

Martin remains thankful for the opportunit­y to take part in the 12-month treatment interventi­on program – which she credits with saving her life. But she thinks it’s a shame that you have to be on the verge of going to jail to access a program such as this which she found highly effective in holding her accountabl­e, and would like to see better support available for relapse prevention and ongoing addiction struggles. She says the best rehabs in South Australia are out of reach for many addicts. “There are some good ones here in Adelaide but they’re expensive, so an addict couldn’t [usually] pay for that, unless you’ve got family behind you.”

Martin is also an advocate for support that promotes a healthy overhaul of lifestyle and mindset. “You need an organisati­on that involves brain-changing activities - like yoga, strength training, meditation and nutrition,” she says. “These are the things I learnt when I became sober, when I came out of jail and lived with my mum. I think they’re so important to become clean.”

Martin continuall­y reminds herself of this quote from athlete Rich Roll, who struggled with alcohol addiction: “Addiction doesn’t discrimina­te. It doesn’t care how rich, how successful, how fit or good looking you are. It doesn’t care if you deny having it. But if you are truly indeed a drug addict or an alcoholic, it will take you down every time. Addiction begins with pain and ends with pain.””

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