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Here’s news worth cheer­ing about: if you’re a snorer, an easy 10-minute work­out for your mouth could get you sleep­ing more soundly than ever. Australian and Brazil­ian re­searchers teamed up to ad­vance re­search which found that tongue and mouth ex­er­cises could sig­nif­i­cantly re­duce snor­ing. The ex­er­cises can be done at any time, says Danny Eck­ert, as­so­ciate professor and prin­ci­pal re­search sci­en­tist at the University of New South Wales Neu­ro­science Re­search Aus­tralia (NEURA). The ex­er­cises are most ef­fec­tive when prac­tised sev­eral times a day, for be­tween five and 10 min­utes each time, across three months. Sweeter dreams could be yours (and your partner’s!) with th­ese sim­ple ex­er­cises:

1. Lift the tip of your tongue be­hind your top front teeth, then slowly move it back­wards to the back of your mouth. 2. Lift your whole tongue against the roof of your mouth and suck it up, flat­ten­ing it against the roof of your mouth.

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