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Hon­esty is my call­ing card

and even more so as I get older. I want my daugh­ters to know that apol­o­gis­ing is an easy thing to do. Don’t hide that you were wrong; wear it like a badge. There’s al­ways some­thing to laugh about.

Even when Dan had breast can­cer, we found stuff to laugh about be­cause you’re just

You can suck up a lot liv­ing from day to day. You’re the

more same as al­ways, there’s just a big­ger and not be as re­ac­tionary drama to deal with. Laugh­ter when you un­der­stand where your has al­ways got us through. feel­ings are com­ing from. To have a psy­cho­log­i­cal in­tel­li­gence is, I think, the great­est gift any­one can have in their lives – I wish I’d got onto it ear­lier.

I treat my house like a re­sort.

Even though I don’t live in a re­sort, I like to ask my­self, “What would I do if I did?” Well, if I was in a re­sort, I would lie in the shade with a book. So I might put on a load of wash­ing, but then I go out into the back­yard, lie on a hi­lar­i­ous old-school lilo and I read.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

It sounds so clichéd, but it’s true. I mean, who cares how the dish­washer is stacked? Just sort it out. Try your best. It didn’t work today? Try again to­mor­row.

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