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Com­mit­ting to a work­out is a great first step – you’ll start see­ing re­sults, gain more con­fi­dence and have an over­all eas­ier time. Th­ese ex­er­cises have been tar­geted to help you work on the main three ar­eas of fit­ness for five min­utes each, giv­ing you a plan that will make you feel great!


Th­ese moves loosen your shoul­der, neck and up­per back mus­cles to re­lease ten­sion and counter what per­sonal trainer Joy Keller calls “tech neck”. “We spend most of our lives flexed for­ward – sit­ting at com­put­ers, hold­ing phones and driv­ing,” says Keller. Hunch­ing rounds the shoul­ders, cre­at­ing a curved pos­ture and tight­en­ing neck mus­cles. Stretch­ing helps to re­gain some of the mus­cles’ sup­ple­ness, maximising your flex­i­bil­ity.


“Big­ger move­ments that en­gage more mus­cles will give you the big­gest bang for your buck,” ex­plains per­sonal trainer Chris Jor­dan. To keep work­outs short, choose ex­er­cises that work mul­ti­ple parts of your body at once, like the four on page 96.


Need some in­cen­tive to pick up weights? There’s plenty, even the fact that once you put them down, you’ll not only get stronger but also burn kilo­joules at an ac­cel­er­ated rate. That’s be­cause strength train­ing causes mi­cro­scopic tears in your mus­cle fi­bres. While re­pair­ing those mus­cles and mak­ing them stronger, your body uses more en­ergy, says ex­er­cise phys­i­ol­o­gist Wayne West­cott.

There’s no need to go to the gym. All you need to do th­ese ex­er­cises is a sturdy chair, hand weights and an ex­er­cise mat, which will pro­vide cush­ion­ing and give more sup­port than car­pet.

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