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Pro­bi­otic re­search be­gan 100 years ago with the idea that good mi­crobes could slow the age­ing process.

The most com­mon or­gan­isms in the hu­man gut be­long to two phyla, Fir­mi­cutes and Bac­teroidetes. The ra­tio of th­ese can vary widely from per­son to per­son, but gut mi­cro­biomes that favour Bac­teroidetes have been linked to lean­ness. Mi­cro­biomes that boast more Fir­mi­cutes have been as­so­ci­ated with obe­sity. Stud­ies show that the per­cent­age of Fir­mi­cutes tends to de­crease with weight loss and higher fi­bre in­take. Be­fore I started the ex­per­i­ment, my gut con­tained about 2½ times as many Fir­mi­cutes as Bac­teroidetes. After a month of tak­ing pro­bi­otics, I had 12 times as many Fir­mi­cutes.

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