Do the sum­mer shoe shuf­fle The best styles for the warmer weather

Dur­ing the warmer weather it’s not easy to give up style (and the chance to show off your fresh pedi­cure) for the sake of com­fort. We com­pare your favourite footwear and pick the best op­tions.

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Can­vas Sneak­ers vs Bal­let Flats

“Bal­let flats, which can bend in any di­rec­tion, of­fer zero sup­port and shock ab­sorp­tion,” says Anna Baird, po­di­a­trist and founder of Bared Footwear. “Your foot slides in the shoe, caus­ing align­ment prob­lems and strain or pain in your feet, knees, bot­tom, lower and up­per back.” Long-term, this can cause plan­tar fasci­itis (heel pain and in­flam­ma­tion), or Achilles ten­donitis (pain along the back of the leg near the heel caused by overuse). Tra­di­tional can­vas sneak­ers or ten­nis shoes aren’t much bet­ter. “Just re­mem­ber that can­vas sneak­ers are not sports shoes, so they should not be used for ex­er­cise,” Baird says.

Stilet­tos vs Wedges

High heels make an out­fit pop, “But they tilt your pelvis for­ward, chang­ing your gait and in­creas­ing pres­sure on joints and on the fore­front and toes of your foot,” Baird ex­plains. Wedges also change your pos­ture and the way you walk, but put less strain and pres­sure on your feet.

“If you must wear heels look for a wider wedge that’s not too high and doesn’t ta­per in the mid­dle and for high heels, choose a wider heel for more foot sup­port,” Baird sug­gests.

Slides vs Thongs

This one’s a draw. Ac­cord­ing to po­di­a­trist Sil­via Ar­royo, slides are comfy but aw­ful for your feet – there’s noth­ing hold­ing them on, which means your toes con­stantly claw to grip the base; this can lead to foot, knee, hip and back is­sues. Thongs are not much bet­ter sup­port-wise, plus they leave your feet ex­posed – you might as well say ‘ouch’ now for all the po­ten­tial cuts or scrapes await­ing you. For both, look for a thicker sole and wider toe strap, which will typ­i­cally pro­vide more arch sup­port.

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