A memoir of global travel and the 160 recipes it inspired.

Always Enough: A Global Food Memoir​ is a storied cookbook, a love letter to the author's tables in America, Europe, and Africa. From Philadelphia to Paris, Morocco to the Ivory Coast, Bologna to Greece to London, Always Enough tracks the cultural insights the author absorbed by shopping, cooking, and eating across the world, and provides 160 recipes learned across those kitchens. 

Always Enough's meals model adapting to one's environment and what ingredients are available; its recipes capture a broad swath of international cuisines while also promoting flavors and ingredients not emphasized in traditional Western cooking; its approach encourages sustainable and healthy eating, with health-conscious dishes for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Always Enough shares good food and good stories of how one cook's identity took shape by immersing herself in local cooking and culture around the world. 


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