The Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Prosperity


The history we can't afford to forget.

At last, the definitive history of supply-side economics—an incredibly timely work that reveals the foundations of America's prosperity when those very foundations are under attack. In the riveting, groundbreaking book Econoclasts, historian Brian Domitrovic tells the remarkable story of the economists, journalists, Washington staffers, and (ultimately) politicians who showed America how to get out of the 1970s stagflation and ushered in an unprecedented quarter-century run of growth and opportunity. Based on the author's years of archival research, Econoclasts is a masterful narrative history in the tradition of Amity Shlaes's The Forgotten Man and John Steele Gordon's An Empire of Wealth.

About the author(s)

Brian Domitrovic holds a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University, where he also did graduate work in economics. He earned his bachelor's degree at Columbia University, studying history and mathematics. Professor Domitrovic teaches at Sam Houston State University and has written for numerous scholarly and popular publications. He lives with his wife and three daughters in Texas.

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