The perfect book for any parent who has spun a tale or two, or first-time parents who need a little guidance on the art of fibbing!

Remember all the small falsehoods you were told as a child, from carrots helping you see in the dark to Santa checking up on your behavior all year round? This book will guarantee laughs as you reminisce on the bizarre tales your younger self believed. And if you now have your own little rascals to look after, it might provide you with some invaluable lies for when you want them to behave. Sometimes it’s the only way!

About the author(s)

Charlie Ellis doesn’t know how many hours he’s wasted on the Internet looking at hilarious pictures of animals! When he’s not doing that he’s whiling away his leisure hours at his home in reading, playing video games and cooking, neither of which he’s quite as good at as he pretends to be.

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