Revelation 911

How the Book of Revelation Intersects with Today's Headlines


A riveting account of current events as foretold in the mysterious Book of Revelation.

A series of unparalleled apocalyptic events—predicted in a third of the Bible—is approaching. They will so shake the world that people’s hearts fail them for “fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth” (Luke 21:26).

In Revelation 911, Pastor Paul Begley—host of the syndicated television show The Coming Apocalypse and a popular YouTube show with more than 240 million views—and Pulitzer Prize–nominated investigative journalist Troy Anderson show that signs of the approaching Apocalypse are accelerating exponentially. A catastrophic economic collapse and global conflagration could be next on the prophetic timeline. Then comes the Antichrist, False Prophet, and “mark of the beast” economic system. The authors also explore why the popular transhumanist movement, artificial intelligence, and top-secret government and military programs are linked with prophecies of the last days.

Despite its stunning disclosures, Revelation 911 offers hope, comfort, and blessings to help readers navigate this tumultuous time through the power, protection, and provision of the Holy Spirit.

About the author(s)

PAUL BEGLEY is a musician and a fourth[1]generation preacher. Ordained by Lester Sumrall, he has been in ministry for nearly four decades, now copastoring the Freedom Fellowship Church in The Villages, Florida, and the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, Indiana. His television show, The Coming Apocalypse, is syndicated, and his YouTube show by the same name has more than 228 million views. Find out more at

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