Are you a regular quizzer at your local pub? Do you fancy yourself a cryptic crossword whiz? Might you be up for a challenge?

'Frank Paul is an extremely impressive chap and a dazzling quizzer' Victoria Coren Mitchell, presenter of Only Connect

Since 2015, The Mill in Cambridge has hosted an unusually fiendish quiz from the mind of legendary quizmaster Frank Paul. Contestants could expect to be delighted and perplexed by wordsearch poems, jokes and rebuses, a bewildering encounter with the Sphinx and a confounding murder mystery.

With rounds including Motion Picture Mixture, Eight Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Gogglebox Jigsaw and Chemical Element Blind Date, this is the best of The Mill’s quiz night. Are you ready to have your mind bent, blown and boggled?

About the author(s)

Frank Paul is a fine artist and a superstar in the world of quizzes. He is the author of The Cryptic Pub Quiz. An Only Connect champion, he was proposed to by Victoria Coren Mitchell on TV. He lives in Cambridge where he runs the notoriously difficult Mill pub quiz.

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