Exposing Captain Starlight’s  twisted life of crime and deceit. 
Who was ‘Captain Starlight’?
When a respectable public servant dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, the authorities are baffled. Who really was the dead man? Was he an Irish nobleman fallen on hard times – or a conman, a forger, a serial impostor, a killer?
As an investigation peels back the layers of deception, aliases and lies, a bizarre chain of events is revealed, exposing the deceased as a man guilty of a string of audacious crimes spanning decades – crimes including identity theft and murder.
In The Killer's Game, Jane Smith has pieced together the scattered clues to the dead man's background, uncovering the true story of the life and crimes of the 19th-century enigma once known as Frank Pearson  –  or Captain Starlight.

About the author(s)

Jane Smith, an accomplished author, archivist, editor and librarian, is dedicated to resurrecting captivating tales from history’s depths for readers of all ages. With a prolific portfolio spanning fiction and non-fiction since 2014, Jane has published over twenty books with a historical focus.
Jane’s works have received national acclaim and earned multiple prestigious literary award nominations. Notable among them is the ABIA shortlisting in 2015 for Captain Thunderbolt, a standout from her ‘Australian Bushrangers’ series, and the ‘notable’ listing in the 2017 CBCA Book of the Year awards for Shoot-out at the Rock, part of her children’s historical fiction series, ‘Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy’.
Jane’s unique talent lies in her ability to blend meticulous research with engaging narratives. Through her writing, she unravels the personalities of historical characters, dispelling myths along the way. Her children’s books, including the celebrated ‘Carly Mills Pioneer Girl’ series, not only entertain but also educate, adhering to the Australian National Curriculum.
Jane’s passion extends beyond the written word. Based in regional Queensland, she balances roles as a hospital archivist and editor, bringing history to life while preserving its essence. In every page she writes, Jane Smith’s commitment to storytelling and historical accuracy shines, inviting readers to explore the vibrant tapestry of the past.
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