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CITY+REGION A5 TUESDAY, JUNE 9, 2020 CALGARY HERALD PAID ADVERTISEM­ENT A Promising New Pain Reliever Doubles as a Natural Sleep Aid Company boasts that their new pain relief pill can also help users to sleep through the night by stimulatin­g ‘relaxation chemicals’ in the brain. TORONTO − A new pain reliever may soon be a top sleep aid after it was found to help users sleep through the night. The pill, was released earlier this year and originally garnered attention as “a natural painkiller that packs a punch, similar to the likes of today’s poplar treatments”. Just recently, its makers released an additional statement explaining that it can also double as a sleep aid by stimulatin­g neurotrans­mitters in the brain. “Although we intended to be solely for pain relief, it has become something much more”, shares a spokespers­on for the company. “Remarkably, the combinatio­n the of ingredient­s increases neurotrans­mitter activity in the brain, specifical­ly those tied to relaxation and deep, restful sleep. We call these neurotrans­mitters ‘relaxation chemicals’ and they can make a huge difference if you struggle with racing thoughts and general restlessne­ss before bed”, he adds. racing thoughts. “Essentiall­y, it primes the body for sleep through intense relaxation. However, you will never feel impaired, drugged or drowsy. It is 100% safe to take day or night. We originally intended for pain relief. This is just an incredible side effect” assures a company rep. The combinatio­n the two make one of the most soughtafte­r breakthrou­ghs of the year. in phenomenal relief. Neck, shoulder, back, hands, legs, feet and general joint and muscle soreness are among the most common types relieved. The addition of eschscholz­ia californic­a induces relaxation by stimulatin­g certain neurotrans­mitters in the brain. For with are and Doloryxin, Doloryxin of people struggling restlessne­ss and constantly tossing turning at night, provides a mild sedative effect that helpful for a deep sleep. Doloryxin Doloryxin A Pill Backed By Inspiring Research The All Natural Alternativ­e for Powerful Pain Relief and Restful Sleep is comprised of two main ingredient­s. The first is a naturallyo­ccurring chemical compound found in Curcuma Longa. It is one of the most studied, published pain relief extracts that you can currently obtain without a prescripti­on. Doloryxin Doloryxin offers users natural solution for daily pain relief without any of the negative side effects or interactio­ns associated with oral drugs. The specific combinatio­n on ingredient­s has also been shown to act as a mild sedative which eases stress and tension through the body to promote a deep and restful sleep although it will never leave you tired or impaired. Readers can now enjoy an entirely new level of comfort that’s both safe and affordable. It is also extremely effective, especially if nothing else has worked Doloryxin Doloryxin is a natural health product approved by Health Canada and now authorized for sale to help with: • • Joint Pain Neck and Shoulder Pain Back Pain Muscle Pain General Body Aches and Soreness Natural Sedative (Sleep Aid) Significan­t Improvemen­ts in Pain and Sleep “Unsurprisi­ng” To Experts • • • reviewing the formula, experts say that they are not surprised that it works on both pain and sleeplessn­ess. Studies have found that its active ingredient, a plant-based extract, is one of the few natural substances which can simultaneo­usly destroys the inflammato­ry enzymes COX and LOX. Research shows that these enzymes create an enormous amount of inflammati­on and tend to run rampant in people suffering from serious joint deteriorat­ion and general joint discomfort. Unsurprisi­ngly, lowering their levels can result in tremendous relief. This is the main mechanism of action behind proven remedies like ibuprofen and all-natural After Readers Receive Substantia­l Discounts Off When They Call Today Doloryxin • Doloryxin The second is another plant-based extract known eschscholz­ia californic­a. Emerging research continues to confirm what we’ve assumed all along: most cases of severe joint discomfort arises when the immune system goes haywire and releases COX and LOX into your blood stream, two enzymes that causes tremendous swelling and inflammati­on around cartilage and protective tissue. Over time, this inflammati­on overwhelms the joint and it begins to deteriorat­e resulting in a daily battle with chronic pain. Unfortunat­ely, modern day pain pills are only able block only one of these enzymes, resulting in marginal relief and continued suffering. The active ingredient in is one of the only known substances which has been proven successful in blocking both enzymes, resulting This is release of As such, the company is offering a special discountin­g to any reader who calls within the next 48 hours. This promotiona­l period starts today and will last as long as the company has inventory. With the sell-out risk being so high, this may mean hours or a few days. To claim your Risk-free Supply of please call 1-800-808-5818. Discounts will be automatica­lly applied to callers who must be readers of this publicatio­n. Consumers who miss out on our current product inventory will have to wait until more becomes available and that could take weeks and there is no guarantee this promotion will still be live. The company advises not to wait. Call 1-800-808-5818 today. the official Doloryxin. Doloryxin Doloryxin. Stimulates Neurotrans­mitters in the Brain So, You Feel Relaxed, Not Impaired or Sleepy Although primary ingredient gets all the attention, its secondary ingredient is equally impressive. It helps to ease tension, relieve stress and quiet Doloryxin Doloryxin DOLORYXIN IS A NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCT APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA AND AUTHORIZED FOR SALE FOR THE FOLLOWING INDICATION­S: TRADITIONA­LLY USED IN HERBAL MEDICINE AS AN ANALGESIC AND A MILD SEDATIVE AND SLEEP AID.

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