Medicine Hat News : 2021-01-22

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Programs True and the Rainbow Kingdom Live with Kelly and Ryan The Morning Show Property Brothers: Buying Le national On va se le dire Varied Programs The Marilyn Denis Show Live with Kelly and Ryan $ CBRT % KXLY Good Morning Northwest & GLOBAL _ CBXFT Hôtel Transylvan­ie: la série Organisati­on Mehdi et Val 5 chefs dans ( CFCN ) SHAW TV * CITY Movie Breakfast Television Canada Cityline The 700 Club The Price Is Right The Price Is Right Seinfeld Bold/Beautiful Daniel Tiger Elinor Wonders CBC News-Andrew Nichols Today With Hoda & Jenna Ryan’s Mystery Ready, Steady, King of the Hill King of the Hill Go Away Uni Cloudy, Meat TBA 246 328 106 372 267 351 102 374 140 502 390 370 553 546 9601 575 583 9555 552 542 9600 400 400 900 373 602 568 9329 521 560 9304 603 561 9313 615 520 300 408 418 1002 500 500 9802 410 403 9920 617 522 9301 601 562 9331 + KREM CBS This Morning Cash Cab Cash Cab Var. Programs Molly of Denali Wild Kratts Elementary CBC News Network With Suhana Meharchand Today Corn & Peg Degrassi: Next Cloudy, Meat , EDAC Primetime Cash Cab Jade Fever Jade Fever ` KSPS Arthur Xavier Riddle Curious George Daniel Tiger . CBC / KHQ Today 3rd Hour 0 TREE Robocar poli My Little Pony Peppa Pig Bubble Guppies Thomas Amer. Funniest Home Videos Loud House Ollie’s Pack SportsCent­re RightThisM­inute RightThisM­inute Tamron Hall Mom Mom Hoarding: Buried Alive You Gotta Eat You Gotta Eat 1 CMT Degrassi: Next Schitt’s Creek Schitt’s Creek 2 YTV SpongeBob SpongeBob Loud House 4 TSN SportsCent­re Var. Programs SportsCent­re 5 KAYU Good Day 6 W Movie Movie 7 TLC Varied Programs Hoarding: Buried Alive You Gotta Eat You Gotta Eat 8 FOOD Food-Bucket Carnival Eats The Kitchen Valerie Home Giada in Italy 9 A&E Parking Wars Parking Wars Varied Programs : SNW Sportsnet Central CNN Newsroom With Poppy Sportsnet Central CNN Newsroom With Poppy Morning Highlights Sportsnet Central CNN Newsroom Morning Highlights Beauty and the Beast Varied Programs Sportsnet Central Inside Politics SN360 Update Ransom Sportsnet Var. Programs ; CNN CNN Newsroom = SN360 SN360 Update > SHOW Movie NCIS Love It or List It @ SLCE Love It or List It A (2011) Russell Peters, Rob Lowe. (CC) (2014, Docudrama) Orny Adams. (CC) (1998) Don McKellar. (CC) (2017) Mackenzie Mauzy. (CC) (2016, Suspense) Josh Wiggins, Sophie Nélisse. (CC) (2016) Sherri Shepherd. (CC) (2011) Martin Donovan. (CC) (2007) Russell Crowe, Christian Bale. (CC) (2017) Kelli Williams. (CC) (1996, Comedy) Adam Sandler. (CC) (2011) Michael Rogers. (CC) (2013) (CC) (2002, Comedy) Paul Spence. (CC) Breakaway Mean Dreams Collaborat­or Early Release Beyond the Black Rainbow Jean of the Joneses Mountain Men In the Name of the Father Billy Madison Robot and Frank Rush: Time M T 3:10 to Yuma Happy Gilmore Who the F... Is Arthur Fogel Martha Marcy May Marlene Fubar Lone Star Law CSI: New York Flashpoint Movie Jamie’s-Meals Jamie’s 15 Min. MasterChef Canada Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! Cupcake-Dino Cupcake-Dino Ladybug & Cat Spirit Riding Trolls: The Be Dragons: Race Paid Program People Protect. Court Protect. Court Cash Cab Cash Cab The Goldbergs Fresh Off-Boat The Right to Live Trio Dracula They Were Expendable ›› ››› ››› › STRZ2 W 312 633 432 (1995) (CC) (2012) (CC) B ››› ›› TH F ›› (2012, Drama) David Amito. (CC) Stress Position (2011) (CC) ››› ›› DISC Highway Thru Hell Movie North Woods Law CSI: New York 520 620 571 555 557 294 626 505 523 9302 581 9557 545 9622 541 529 511 547 9500 C DRAMA D LIFE MasterChef Canada Wishfart Transylvan­ia Chip & Potato Judge Mablean Judge Mablean Corner Gas Corner Gas E TOON Transylvan­ia Transylvan­ia Total Drama F FAM Malory Towers The Next Step Landing G WPCH Funny You Ask Paid Program Paid Program H COM Corner Gas Laughs-Access The Letter Laughs: Gags I M (1931) (1945) Tom Conway. (1945, Horror) (1954, Western) Alan Ladd, Audrey Dalton. (CC) (1957) Alan Ladd. (CC) (1934) Wallace Beery. (CC) (1963) James Aubrey, Tom Chapin. (CC) (1940, Drama) Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall. (CC) (1965) Robert Webber. (CC) (1946) Donna Reed. (1935) (1950, Drama) James Hayter. (CC) (1931, Horror) Bela Lugosi. (CC) (1941) (CC) (1945) Robert Montgomery, John Wayne. (CC) (DVS) (1960) Alan Ladd, Jeanne Crain. (CC) (1942, Adventure) Sabu, Joseph Calleia. (CC) › ››› ›› ››› T Hysteria Buck Privates Trouble Along ›› ›› ››› ››› TCM W 292 539 9462 Faithful in My Fashion J ››› ››› ››› TH F The Big Land Guns of the Timberland ›› ›› ›› Bomba-Jungle Lord of the Flies Bar Rescue Storage Can Storage Can Canadian Pickers Andromeda Jungle Book Bar Rescue Storage Can Yukon Gold Andromeda ››› ››› ››› PARMT Bar Rescue Bar Rescue Bar Rescue 628 411 522 627 584 457 506 528 390 9357 9704 9392 K OUTDOOR HISTC Storage Can Storage Can Storage Can Storage Can Storage Can Ice Road Truckers Earth: Final Conflict Inside Man Storage Can Varied Programs L Rust Valley Restorers Andromeda Escape From New York Inside Man Fargo Ride With Norman Reedus Sahara Unique Whips Canadian Pickers Flashpoint Shatner’s Weird or What? Andromeda M SCIFI N M (1981, Action) Kurt Russell. (2006, Suspense) Denzel Washington. A cop matches wits with a bank robber. (CC) (2006, Suspense) Denzel Washington. A cop matches wits with a bank robber. (CC) (1995, Suspense) Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo. (CC) (1996) Frances McDormand, Steve Buscemi. (CC) (1999) Brad Pitt. Men vent their rage by beating each other in a secret arena. (CC) (CC) (2000) Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger. A man and his son fight side by side in the Revolution­ary War. (CC) (2000) (2005) Matthew McConaughe­y. Adventurer­s search for a Confederat­e ship in Africa. (CC) (1984, Drama) Ralph Macchio. (CC) ››› ››› T Outbreak ››› ›› AMC W 293 281 9411 Fight Club O ››› ››› Gladiator TH F The Patriot ››› The Karate Kid Pass Time Pass Time Varied Programs Border Security Border Security Border Security Border Security Mysteries at the Museum The Social Daily Pop The Marilyn Denis Show Ride Like a Girl ›› ››› FSR Pinks - All Out 417 619 621 406 525 527 9933 P DTOUR Legendary Locations Nightly Pop etalk Q E! 9333 V M (2018, Drama) Josh Wiggins. (2019, Suspense) Luke Bracey, Crispin Glover. (CC) (2019) Mirjana Jokovic. (CC) (DVS) (2018) Gemma Arterton, Elizabeth Debicki. (CC) (2020) Adam Beach. (CC) (2018, Drama) Robin Aubert, Emilie Bierre. (CC) (DVS) (2020) Pete Davidson, Marisa Tomei. (2018) Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman. (CC) (2019) Honor Swinton Byrne. (2019) William Baldwin. (CC) (2018) BooBoo Stewart. (CC) (2018) Shamier Anderson. (2020) Mackenzie Davis. (CC) (2018, Drama) Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone. (CC) (2018) Saoirse Ronan. (CC) (DVS) (2019) Lucky Day Easy Land ’ ’ ’ ’ Sorry for Loss T Monkey Beach A Colony ’ ’ ’ CRV1 W 308 622 9406 (CC) (DVS) Boy Erased Please Speak The Grizzlies The Souvenir W ››› ’ ››› ’ ’ Basketball County: In the Water Creed II Movie PIX11 Morning News at 9am The Morning Show Today 3rd Hour Live with Kelly and Ryan 25 Words/Less 25 Words/Less Varied Programs TH F Love Jacked ’ ’ ’ Mary Queen of Scots Varied Programs Judge Jerry Judge Jerry Days of our Lives Rachael Ray News Paid Program Days of our Lives 7 Action News RightThisM­inute GMA3: What You Need to Know Family Feud The Young and the Restless Bold/Beautiful Tamron Hall North of 60 Tribal Trails Corner Gas Flashpoint › ’ ››› ’ ›› ’ CRV2 Varied Programs Movie 309 623 297 652 199 310 9407 286 240 X WPIX PIX11 Morning News at 10am Huntley Str’t NTV Newsday Live in the D Tamron Hall Let’s Make a Deal Couples Court Couples Court Jerry Springer AE CJON The Young and the Restless Today With Hoda & Jenna The View The Price Is Right º WDIV WXYZ WWJ OWN APTN VISN MUCH MTVCAN HGTV CPAC 360 361 362 507 350 394 580 566 564 396 (83) (84) (85) (92) (108) (109) (110) (111) (112) (113) 526 269 261 570 581 600 512 9341 9125 871 9557 561 9306 841 Var. Programs James Robison K. Copeland Joyce Meyer 700 Club Supernatur­al Var. Programs Daily TV Mass Var. Programs Last of Wine Laughs: Gags Laughs: Gags Comedy Now! Comedy Now! Laughs: Gags Laughs: Gags Corner Gas Corner Gas Ridiculous­ness Ridiculous­ness Flashpoint Cash Cab Cash Cab Corner Gas Corner Gas Varied Programs House of Commons Proceeding­s Varied Programs 12 ENTERTAINM­ENT NOW January 23 - 29, 2021