Medicine Hat News : 2021-02-16

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B2 Tuesday, February 16, 2021 — THE MEDICINE HAT NEWS SUNDAY, FEB 14, 2021 Exploring the realms of history, science, nature and technology American card VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS c.1910 Every February 14 for centuries, lovers around the ZRUOG KDYH H[FKDQJHG FDUGV FDQG\ ÁRZHUV DQG JLIWV Early valentine cards were handmade, and many SHRSOH VWLOO PDNH WKHLU ORYH QRWHV E\ KDQG 3ULQWHG FDUGV KDYH EHHQ DURXQG IRU \HDUV /DVW \HDU LQ WKH 8QLWHG 6WDWHV DORQH FRQVXPHUV VSHQW ELOOLRQ RQ 9DOHQWLQH·V 'D\ FDUGV Early valentines Cobweb valentines were popular in the mid19th century. Some were handmade, others mass produced. Complex patterns were 7KH ÀUVW YDOHQWLQH QRWH FDQ trace its roots to ancient Roman WLPHV ZKHQ D IHVWLYDO FDOOHG Lupercalia was held on February 15. During this fertility IHVWLYDO ZRPHQ ZURWH ORYH QRWHV called billets and put them in a large jar or urn. Each man would select a note and pursue the woman whose name was on it. The Catholic Church recognizes at least three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, DQG WKHUH DUH VHYHUDO &KULVWLDQ stories about how Valentine’s Day came to be. One story tells of a good Christian named Valentine who befriended children. When he was imprisoned by the Romans for his faith, Valentine’s OLWWOH IULHQGV JDYH KLP QRWHV DQG cards through his jail window. This may explain the tradition of exchanging cards on Valentine’s Day. Most of the Christian stories agree that Valentine was killed by the Romans on February 14 around A.D. 269. 7KH LGHD RI VHQGLQJ ORYH SRHPV and notes became popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. People PDGH WKHLU RZQ YDOHQWLQHV ZLWK YHUVHV FRSLHG IURP ERRNV VROG especially for this purpose. People didn’t begin to buy premade YDOHQWLQHV XQWLO WKH HDUO\ V FDUHIXOO\ FXW RXW WR FUHDWH D PRYHDEOH YDOHQWLQH $ WKUHDG WLHG WR WKH HQG RI WKH cut pattern could be pulled upward, UHYHDOLQJ D VHFUHW PHVVDJH This “for your eyes only” concept probably helped make the cards so popular. It's estimated that 60,000 were sent in the 1830s and 1840s. German card c.1900 Victorian cobweb valentine Making valentines American valentine 1930s-’40s American card 1930s 3HRSOH KDYH EHHQ FUHDWLYH ZKHQ PDNLQJ YDOHQWLQHV 0DQ\ techniques are still fun to make today. Watercolor­s and ink: Draw and SDLQW \RXU ORYH QRWH Pinprick valentines: You can poke holes in paper with a pin to FUHDWH D KHDUW RU ÁRZHU GHVLJQ Cutout valentines: By folding SDSHU RYHU PDQ\ WLPHV DQG FXWting out small bits, you can make a lace design to glue on. Acrostic valentines: Make a SRHP LQ ZKLFK WKH ÀUVW OHWWHU LQ the lines spell out the name of \RXU YDOHQWLQH Rebus valentines: Write your YDOHQWLQH XVLQJ VPDOO SLFWXUHV LQ the place of some words. (For example, an eye instead of I.) Shell valentines: Victorian sailRUV PDGH VKHOO YDOHQWLQHV