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Don’t over­think prepa­ra­tion sets. Two weeks out from an event, start bring­ing your to­tal train­ing vol­ume down, but con­sider the dis­tance you’re go­ing to swim in your race and cre­ate main sets based on that dis­tance. Keep the rest times short and swim at the ef­fort you’re hop­ing to main­tain dur­ing race day.

Clint Lien is the head coach for Mer­cury Rising Triathlon, Vic­to­ria B.C. mer­curyris­ing­triathlon.com.

WITH TWICE AS much f lota­tion as typ­i­cal pull buoys, Huub’s Big Buoy 4 sim­u­lates the lift you’ll get in a wet­suit to help im­prove body align­ment. Per­fect for larger swim­mers and “leg sinkers,” the Big Buoy can be used in four dif­fer­ent po­si­tions, pro­vid­ing more or less flota­tion un­der the legs, or more (or less) drag through the wa­ter de­pend­ing on how you place the buoy be­tween your legs.

If you’re one of those peo­ple who dread kick sets and al­ways seem to be strug­gling to stay up above the wa­ter you’ll love the Huub Kick­board that of­fers 42 New­tons of buoy­ancy (which trans­lates to keep­ing you up high in the wa­ter). De­signed to sim­u­late the way your arms sit on tri bars, the sculp­tured fit is re­ally com­fort­able to use.–

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