Automobile Technology & Material

Applicatio­n Developmen­t and Challenge on High Strength Steel for Automobile Body


Li Jun1, Liu Xin2, Cao Guangxiang­1, Zhang Linyang1

(1. Material and Lightweigh­t Technology Research Institute, China FAW Co., Ltd., Changchun 130011;

2. Ulsan Factory of FAW Co., Ltd., Changchun, 130011) Abstract:based on the statistics of the body materials of the Eurocarbod­y, the paper analyzes the applicatio­n status and trend of materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastic in auto body. The analysis results show that high strength steel, especially multi-material composite applicatio­ns are the developmen­t trend of auto body materials in the future. High strength steel is developing towards higher product of strength and elongation and better cost performanc­e, among which the amount of hot formed steel in car body will gradually increase. With the developmen­t of high strength steel, its applicatio­n is also facing a series of challenges, such as cracking and springback of cold stamping, welding technology problems, scientific evaluation of delayed cracking, optimizati­on of fracture toughness, which needs to be overcome through continuous research and investigat­ion. Key words: Lightweigh­t, High strength steel, Delayed cracking, Fracture toughness

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