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Research on Cooling System of Hot Forming Die for Hat-shaped Parts Based on Thermodyna­mic Coupling Field


Wang Lei

(General R&D Department, National Rail Vehicle Engineerin­g Research Center, CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.,

Changchun 130062) Abstract:based on the numerical iterative calculatio­n method of the thermal-coupling field, the finite element theoretica­l analysis model of the hot forming mold cooling system is establishe­d, and the influence of the geometric parameters of the mold cooling pipeline on the cooling effect, microstruc­ture and mechanical properties of the hatshaped parts is obtained. The CAE finite element simulation and forming test are used to verify, the results show that after a reasonable increase in the diameter of the outer cooling pipe, the difference in flow velocity loss of the cooling system pipes is gradually reduced, and the uniformity of the cooling water flow is improved, which is conducive to improving the forming quality parts; under the premise of ensuring the strength of the mold, increasing the diameter of the cooling pipe helps to improve the cooling effect of the mold, and can obtain a finer martensite structure, thereby improving the mechanical properties of the part. Key words: Material synthesis and processing technology, Hat- shaped part, Hot forming, Mold cooling system

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