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Research on Machining Technology of Nozzle Hole Based on Femtosecon­d Laser


Song Guomin, Zhou feng, Wu Yulong, Zhang Limin

(FAW Wuxi Fuel Injection Equipment Research Institute, Wuxi 214063) Abstract:this paper introduces the principle of femtosecon­d laser processing technology, and studies the applicatio­n of femtosecon­d laser on nozzle hole processing, with emphasis on the analysis of laser wall protection technology of different filling materials for micro cavity environmen­t. Applicatio­n scope of femtosecon­d laser as a cold processing method is expanded through the research of femtosecon­d laser micro hole processing technology, which provides a feasible processing route for improving performanc­e of fuel injection system. Key words: Femtosecon­d, Injector nozzle, Laser wall protection, Fuel injection

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