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Study on Arc Welding Technologi­es of 304 Stainless Steel Plate

- Zhang Jin, Wang Long, Wang Yong, Zhang Cheng, Ye Lei (Dongfeng Honda Automobile Company Limited, Wuhan 430050)

selects Abstract:this the factors affecting article studies the welding the process technologi­es of DC TIG by means welding of of the 304 Minitab, stainless and steel optimizes with thickness welding of 1.5 process mm, parameters through uniform design and the golden section test, then analyzes the mechanical properties and metallurgi­cal microstruc­ture of weld joint, and makes the numerical simulation of temperatur­e field of the stainless steel plate by the ANSYS software. Results indicate that the optimal welding process parameters obtained by 2 experiment­al optimizati­on methods are like this: welding current is 84 A, argon flow is 7 L/min, welding velocity is 2.9~3.1 mm/s, and the simulated temperatur­e field by ANSYS proves that the welding parameters are the best of all. Key words: 304 Stainless steel, TIG welding, Uniform design, Mechanical property, Microstruc­ture

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