China Daily (Hong Kong) : 2019-01-11

SPORTS : 25 : 24


24 CHINA DAILY | Friday, January 11, 2019 HONG KONG EDITION SPORTS Canadian choreographer has high hopes for China’s premier pair Atletico Madrid’s Thomas Lemar (front) collides with Girona’s Marc Muniesa during their Spanish King’s Cup last-16 first-leg match on Wednesday in Girona. Antoine Griezmann’s early strike for Atletico was canceled out by Anthony Lozano in a 1-1 draw. FINTECH SHOWCASE ʜ˜i‡Ã̜«Ê«>ÌvœÀ“ÊvœÀÊŜ܈˜}ÊVÕÌ̈˜}‡i`}iʈ˜˜œÛ>̈œ˜ÃÊ>˜`Ê ˜iÜÊLÕȘiÃÃÊ«>À̘iÀň«Ã establishing + INSIGHTS AND INTELLIGENCE: 100 UÊÊ Õ>˜}`œ˜}‡ œ˜}Ê œ˜}‡ >V>œÊ Ài>ÌiÀÊ >ÞÊ Ài> UÊÊ Àii˜Ê ˆ˜>˜Vi UÊʓ«>VÌÊ ˜ÛiÃ̓i˜Ì UÊÊ ÃÃiÌÊ >˜>}i“i˜Ì ÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ>˜`ʓœÀi°°° UÊ œL>Ê ˜ÛiÃ̓i˜Ìʈ˜Ê̅iÊ iÜÊ Vœ˜œ“Þ UÊ-ÕÃÌ>ˆ˜>LiÊ>˜`Ê ˜VÕÈÛiÊ iÛiœ«“i˜Ì UÊ*œˆVÞÊ"Õ̏œœŽ UÊ-Ì>À̇իÃÊ>˜`Ê ˜ÌÀi«Ài˜iÕÀň« UÊ ˆ˜>˜Vˆ>Ê ˜˜œÛ>̈œ˜ UÊ-…>Àˆ˜}Ê Vœ˜œ“Þ distinguished speakers + 3,000 financial and business leaders + 670 investment matching meetings

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