Home Journal : 2021-01-01

HOMES LONDON : 47 : 47


HOMES LONDON | Naturally, the client is thrilled with the end result of the project, and most happy with how successful­ly the layouts worked, making each apartment flow so well. Says Laura, “his priority was to be able to provide completely uncompromi­sed luxury living for his buyers.” He certainly has, and even though this property was launched during Covid, Laura shares that this level of the property market has not really been affected. “People are viewing properties virtually which can mean that the details and feeling of an interior can’t be translated, but this residence has such a strong visual impact that it has still been a success,” she says. Laura reveals that during the last few weeks of project, when the final elements were installed and revealed, it was extremely rewarding. “In addition to the full interior architectu­re, we fully furnished and styled each apartment to perfection using a number of bespoke items. The spaces feel so elegant and timeless but with a depth and warmth that is so essential to us as designers.”// 床上和休息區都可觀賞­電視,還利用了一個細長的早­餐吧台劃分出廚房區域。這個單位的設計效果非­常優秀。」 而客戶亦對完成後的裝­潢讚不絕口,特別是空間的布局使每­個單位都擁有流暢空 間。Laura說:「他的首要任務就是為買­家提供無懈可擊的奢華­生活。」他當然做到了,儘 管這個樓盤是在新疫情­期間推出,但豪宅市場並沒有受到­太大影響。她表示:「現在人們都是在網上參­觀單位,可能無法細味裝潢的細­節和格調,但這幾個單位擁有非常­鮮明的視覺效果,所以銷售很成功。」 「除了完整的室內結構,我們還運用了很多訂製­傢具來細心裝飾每間住­宅,使其更加完美。這些空間予人優雅和永­恆的感覺,同時具有深度和暖意,對我們設計師來說真的­非常美滿。」// 見微之處 家居充滿巧妙的設計特­色,當中包括裝有旋轉電視­的懸浮隔牆和時尚早餐­吧。 JAN/FEB 2021 | | 45