Home Journal : 2021-01-01

HOMES MOSCOW : 60 : 60


HOMES MOSCOW | O'Connor. There have also been collaborat­ions with Bobbi Brown and MC Overalls - her go-to painting attire. Jennifer paints to a soundtrack of Radiohead's, In Rainbows (on repeat), Hozier's Nina Cried Power and Mark Ronson's Late Night Feelings in her gorgeous studio in Mayfair. This is a Georgian building on loan to several fortunate artists for the next few years until the renovation begins. Explains Jennifer, "I look for inspiratio­n in nature, design, film, and photograph­y in reference to colour. I'm very particular about my colour palette, always searching for a combinatio­n that excites me. I love pale pink and sunshine, and I cherish my favourite things, like my yellow retro banana phone, good memories, my old artwork from primary school, and the feeling of being lost in the characters on the screen—the human mind, our psyche. I get very attached to some pieces when they hold a particular emotional memory for me. When I have a change of direction or some internal growth, I hold on to them to remind me of that change. I had my first ever solo show in Los Angeles in 2007. I painted in my parent's garage for three months to complete eight large oil paintings on canvas, all of which I have sold but one, titled "Perfect Skin" that hangs in my house." Home is essential for the artist, who shares her home with her husband and her daughter. Located in Primrose Hill - a lovely village area of grand Victorian terraces and pastel-colored 這位才華橫溢的藝術家­曾在紐約、洛杉磯、倫敦和伊比沙島舉辦個­人展,最近獲模特兒兼作家 穿著這套服裝,在位於梅費爾的華麗工­作室裡一邊播 的建築,在未來幾年將會借給幾­位幸運的藝術家,直到裝修工程開始。 影中尋找色彩的靈感。我很著重色彩配搭,總是尋找能令我讚嘆的­組合。我喜歡淡粉紅和陽光色­調,也很珍惜喜歡的東西,例如我的黃色復古香蕉­手機、一些美好的回憶、小學時的舊作品,還有代入到螢幕人物中­的感覺:人的思想,我們的心靈。我對一些盛載著特別情­感記憶的作品別具感情,當我改變方向或內心 成長時,我會藉著這些作品來提­醒自己的變化。2007庫裡待了三個­月,完成了8幅大油畫,除了一幅名為《Perfect Skin》的作品外,我把其他都賣掉了。」兒在Primrose Hill一條可愛的村­莊生活,那兒有著宏 年,我在洛杉磯舉辦了首個­個人展。我在父母的車 對藝術家來說,家是必不可少,她與丈夫和女 偉的維多利亞式梯田和­色彩柔和的別墅,街上滿是別致的餐館、精品店、美食店和茶室,而他們的居 所Old Mews House曾是大衛寶­兒的錄音室。「這居