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My wife runs her own busi­ness and earns much more than I do. We also have two small chil­dren. The rea­son­able thing is for me to quit my job and stay home to look af­ter them, but I’m hes­i­tant. I’m pretty sure all my male friends will look down on me, since they never have to do house­work.

In­de­ci­sive Dad

Ha! That's the least of your wor­ries. Based on my years of ex­pe­ri­ence as a家庭主妇( ji`t!ng zh^f&, housewife), you will be work­ing 24/7 with­out pay and al­ways feel­ing un­der­ap­pre­ci­ated as a “家庭煮夫” ( ji`t!ng zh^f$, “house-cook­ing hus­band”). At least your wife will bring home the ba­con, whereas my drunk hus­band gam­bled away most of our sav­ings and spent the last of it on lot­tery tick­ets. And what kind of狐朋狗友( h%p9ng g6uy6u, “fox-and-dog friends,” bad com­pan­ions) do you have? A bunch of混蛋( h%nd3n, ass­holes)! Throw the say­ing “大丈夫能屈能伸”( d3zh3ngfu n9ng q$ n9ng sh8n, a great man knows when to yield and when to stand up) in their faces and be done with them. Judg­ing from my own hus­band, I ex­pect the­se甩手掌柜( shu2ish6u zh2nggu#, “ab­sen­tee boss,” lazy hus­bands) to come cry­ing on your doorstep soon, whin­ing about their dis­tant wives and dis­re­spect­ful chil­dren who hate them.

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