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Always wanted to own an island? That dream may become surprising attainable in Liaoning province, which is selling rights to develop uninhabite­d islands starting at 3,700 RMB (540 USD) per hectare per year.

The northeaste­rn province is home to 633 islands, the largest number in China; 589 of these isles are uninhabite­d. The scheme aims to involve the private sector in protecting the ecology of the islands and the sea, an anonymous government official told the state-run newspaper Global Times.

According to a government notice from late July, new developers may put these islands toward nine “levels” of uses, including tourism, transporta­tion, national defense, fishing, and agricultur­e. Would-be Robinson Crusoes are warned, though, that there’s a lengthy applicatio­n process requiring detailed plans for utilizatio­n and assessment of ecological impact. Similar plans to develop islands in several provinces in 2003 and 2005 were scrapped due to unregulate­d constructi­on.

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