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- 的盐比你吃过的饭还多­过来人大风大浪衣来伸­手,饭来张口假期我吃过佳­投资兵来将挡,水来土掩快乐,你根本想象不到没有丑­女人,只有懒女人穷女人形象­好气质有钱人的

I’m so fed up with 2020! Any suggestion­s for coping?

New Graduate George

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! As a (gu7l1ir9n, experience­d person) who is used to (d3f8ng d3l3ng, “strong wind and big waves,” serious challenges), this year has been child’s play. What sort of crisis did you experience anyway? You still (y~ l1i sh8n sh6u, f3n l1i zh`ng k6u, have clothes and food handed to you)! All you did was stay at home and browse Tiktok, not much different from a (ji3q~, vacation). Your classes were cancelled? I couldn’t go to university, period, because they were all closed when I was young!

(W6 ch~guo de y1n b@ n@ ch~guo de f3n h1i du4, “I’ve eaten more salt than you’ve eaten rice,” experience­d more hardship than you know)! Well, mostly because I hoarded too much salt during the SARS outbreak. Remember, (b~ng l1i ji3ng d2ng, shu@ l1i t^ y2n, “fight soldiers with arms, fight water with earth,” adopt flexible solutions to different problems). Life will only get worse if you keep on whining!

Everybody seems to be getting Botox nowadays, or even plastic surgery. It’s not cheap, but should I try? I think it will make me feel more confident.


You know what they say:

(m9iy6u ch6u n)r9n, zh@y6u l2n n)r9n, there are no ugly women, just lazy ones), or maybe (qi5ng n)r9n, poor women). With what little money you make, you are not getting anywhere, so why not spend it on your looks as a (t5uz~, investment) for getting a rich guy? Or that high-paying job that requires applicants to be

(x!ngxi3ng h2o q#zh# ji`, good looking and elegant). They also say, spend money on your appearance when you are young, because when you are old and rich, no one will look at you…i’ve heard all the bullshit! The truth is,

(Y6uqi1nr9n de ku3il-, n@ g8nb0n xi2ngxi3ng b%d3o, You have no idea how happy rich people can be)! Use your head. Who cares about what others think when you have your own money?

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