The World of Chinese


52 Thousand-year-old Chinese Characters That Are Surprising­ly Relevant Today


Huang Weijia

This book explores 52 Chinese characters from their ancient roots to modern usage. Each chapter contains explanatio­ns of the history and legends associated with the character, offering intriguing perspectiv­e on Chinese culture; quotes and idioms formed by the character that are insightful and fun to use in daily conversati­on; and strokes broken down by order, with space to practice handwritin­g. The book is suited for beginners to advanced Chinese learners, and anyone else interested in Chinese culture.

 ?? ?? 《汉字会说话》
ISBN 978-7-100-17875-7 228 pp.
13x20 cm
《汉字会说话》 ISBN 978-7-100-17875-7 228 pp. 13x20 cm

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