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According to Lindsey Hall, senior editor at Tordotcom (the book's publishers),

The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories started as a project to rid translated Chinese science fiction of its “old boys' club” feel. In this anthology, editors Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang have picked 17 short sci-fi and fantasy stories, all written within the past five years by Chinese female and gender non-binary authors, widening the English reader's view of China's sci-fi scene. The anthology is a voyage through some remarkable and bizarre worlds—a restaurant at the end of the universe, children harvesting stars in the fields of Anhui, a woman carrying a corpse across a strange landscape. Both informativ­e and entertaini­ng, the book ends with two essays on writing and translatio­n in contempora­ry Chinese literature by Xueting Christine Ni and Rebecca F. Kuang.

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