The World of Chinese


An Wei, Chi Hui, Fei Dao, Han Zhiliao, Kang Fu, Li Angao, Ma Er, Qitongren, Tagexing, Wang Shuo, Zhao Ankang, Zhu Yue


It’s a not-so-distant era, when people pay top dollar to freeze themselves and hope to wake up in a more prosperous and ecological decade. Two friends take different paths to the future— but only one will make peace with the present. In other stories, the human race rebels against alien overlords who ban flying on Earth; a lost traveler is trapped in a deserted monastery haunted by swallows; and two men fight to survive a literary epidemic…this speculativ­e fiction anthology includes work by twelve establishe­d and up-and-coming young Chinese writers, translated into English for the first time—a ride into a wild fantasy world.

“No matter how far a distance you go, you can always find a road home. But if you travel sixty years forward, you’ll never be able to come back...”

 ?? ?? 《移居未来》
ISBN 978-7-100-17874-7 228 pp.
13x20 cm
《移居未来》 ISBN 978-7-100-17874-7 228 pp. 13x20 cm

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