L'étiquette (English)



“They say you have to learn the rules before breaking them. It’s a cliché, but I think it’s pretty true. I got interested in clothes when I was a teenager. I’d go to thrift stores and pick out suits to try and look like Gary Cooper or Humphrey Bogart. That’s when I learned the importance of knowing your size, respecting certain proportion­s and choosing the right finishings, depending on the style, with two or three buttons and with wide or narrow lapels. I don’t wear suits anymore, but this basic knowledge still informs my style.“

I found this sleeveless puffer jacket on eBay– it dates back to the 1960s. A good sleeveless puffer is vital for a spring wardrobe.

I wear this belt bag by Tom Sachs every day. It holds everything I need: my phone, wallet, keys, a pen and a notepad.

This cap is by Western Hydrodynam­ic Research, a brand based in Newport Beach. I really like it because it’s comfortabl­e and makes me think of the beach and the ocean. I’m from Sydney, Australia, and I like this reminder of home.

An old parka from the 40’s made from military fabrics. My favorite piece of outerwear.

I have a lot of vintage jeans from the ’50’s and ’60’s, but these Visvim jeans are my every-day go-tos. They can stand up to anything.

I bought these Nike ACG Mountain Flys after a long search for the right shoe. They’re super comfortabl­e, and I even run in them when it rains because the Gore-Tex keeps my feet totally dry.

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