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“I had my first major style shock when I was eight or nine years old when I saw the bright, fluorescen­t colors of surfer clothes. I wore black Ocean Pacific T-shirts with wild prints and L.A. Gear sneakers with blinking lights on the back. It gives me a headache to think about it now. Luckily, my taste has evolved since then, but I still think clothes should be fun. You don’t have to take them too seriously.“

A Globetrott­er T-shirt from the ’80s. I bought it 10 years ago in a shop in New York’s Nolita. I wore it once for a meeting with Ralph Lauren, and he liked it. I haven’t let it go since.

My closet is filled with high-waisted pants. This pair is from Ralph Lauren’s 1940s-style RRL line. I worked for Ralph Lauren for a long time, so they have real sentimenta­l value.

Vintage Florsheim shoes, made in the USA and purchased on eBay 10 years ago. Love the old-fashioned look.

An old work jacket made in the USA. When I bought it, it was covered with lots of patches, but I took them all off and put college-basketball pins on it instead.

White socks are a must for Americana. I wear them with both sneakers and shoes.

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