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“I remember how wonderful my grand -mother looked. She had an amazing wardrobe with lots of Chloé pieces designed by Lagerfeld. Because of her, I started to think about clothing, and so did my parents. When I was little, I was never dressed like other kids; there was always some offbeat detail. Later, I went to art school and then spent time in England, so nothing changed. I like when something’s just a bit off–a color or an accessory– ideally without it looking contrived, but there’s always that danger.“

An old pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses with prescripti­on lenses. Quirky but low-key.

A wedding present from a friend of mine, who gave the same one to my husband. It has two medallions, one with the date we met, the other with our dates of birth. I love the idea.

A Louis Cartier Tank my mother wore for a long time before giving it to me a few years ago.

These Courrèges pants in suede calfskin are really comfortabl­e and soft. They were inspired by a pair of old straight-legged, high-waisted suit trousers from the house’s archives. I wear them a lot and enjoy watching them age gracefully.

I collect Pucci pieces from the late ‘60s and ‘70s. Whenever I travel–to Italy or wherever–I scout them out in thrift stores. They have amazing patterns.

This signet ring with a sapphire belonged to my grandmothe­r. I wear it every day, like a talisman.

A Velva Sheen T-shirt filched from my husband. We share a stock of T-shirts. Same thing for white socks.

A Saint Laurent belt by Hedi Slimane. I wear it almost daily.

I’ve been collecting Birken stock Bostons since I was a teenager and have them in loads of colors. Over the years, I’ve even managed to convert my husband, my son and others in my family–they all wear them now.

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