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“My craziest style period was in college, when I might wear a military garment, a formal suit and corduroy all at once. Later on, I worked in different clothing stores and had to find ways to add my personal style to their uniforms, which tended to be plain. Each place I worked in changed my style. Now, I’m free to wear what I want again, so my style is back to being a mess. People will have to decide for themselves whether or not that’s good news.“

I bought this necklace in Mexico last November. I was on the beach, and this old woman came over with a load of jewelry for sale. Under a bunch of ugly stuff was this pearl necklace. I know that pearls are usually seen as feminine, but I’ve always really liked them, so I wear them.

I studied at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and this sweat shirt has the original colors of the school. I love clothes from H.B.C.U. [Historical­ly Black Colleges and Universiti­es], and I sell the best vintage pieces I find from these institutio­ns through my website, Torchsport­swear.com. This sweatshirt is an exception – I could never bring myself to let it go.

The pattern on these shorts is a nod to the jaguar on the sweatshirt. I’ve been pretty cautious about “short“shorts for a long time, but now I wear them like this.

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