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“My style was influenced by an eccentric uncle who loved to dress up. I remember him arriving at his twin sister’s wedding in a three-piece tweed suit with a Burberry motif (or something close to it), which he had had made on Savile Row. When I was a teenager, he gave me garbage bags filled with incredible clothes. My parents made me throw away three-quarters of them, but I think it’s probably because of him – or thanks to him – that I decided to show up in a plaid jacket today for this photo.“

A Brooks Brothers shirt from the ’80s. I bought it from a close friend who has an incredible collection of old shirts. When he was getting rid of some, I leapt at the chance and bought four or five.

I had this jacket made for me at the shop where I work, The Armory, the weekend before lockdown was announced in New York. I was immediatel­y attracted to the pattern when I first saw it. Now it’s one of my favorite jackets.

A pair of tassel moccasins from Alden. This is an American brand through and through, but they have an elegant French touch that calls out to me.

I’ll never part with this pen, which we give out to customers at work for free. Nobody wants them–they’re mechanical, and you have to know how to refill them.

Bausch & Lomb glasses, from the ‘50s. I found them in a small vintage store in New York’s Bed-Stuy.

These are Levi’s 505 Orange Tab jeans from the 1990s. I’m wearing them low-waisted, so the crotch may be a bit too low, but I like that. I repaired the hole in the knee myself.

I used to get my white socks from Uniqlo, but I can’t find the right ones anymore.

Now, I buy them in a store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. I basically wear them until they disintegra­te.

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