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You asked for it, you got it. After five issues available only in French, we are happy to publish the first English-language edition of L’Étiquette. Before you turn the page, have a look below at the editorial that opened the first issue of the French edition in October 2018. Since then, the philosophy hasn’t changed. Au contraire.

Why launch yet another fashion magazine? Precisely because we don’t want to talk about fashion. Far from the hectic runway shows, fashion diktats, flamboyant designers and crazy collaborat­ions on painfully ugly sneakers, L’Étiquette is interested in clothes as people really wear them, with two simple questions in mind: how should we dress, and why should we dress that way? Being stylish – looking good, or elegant, or whatever you want to call it – is a lengthy undertakin­g that requires taking an interest in the garments themselves and asking lots of questions. Why are some jackets double-breasted? Why did Jacques Cousteau wear a red knit hat? Why do some skaters wear a shoelace as a belt?

Answers to these questions do exist. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to shine at dinner parties. But most importantl­y, you’ll be able to tell passing fads from underlying trends, to choose wisely when investing in an expensive piece (some of the clothes we feature come with a hefty price tag), to know a real bargain when you see one (we also show some very affordable garments) and eventually to dress better.

In the pages of L’Étiquette, we convey the idea that what we wear isn’t just about an industry, but – like cinema, literature, soccer and wine – about culture, about soaking up influences from the world around us, informed by historical, sociologic­al, political and artistic references. It’s both lightheart­ed and profound, totally superficia­l and absolutely fundamenta­l. Because – let’s be honest – humanity would be a great deal better off without another pair of painfully ugly sneakers.

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