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(A world of color)


Because his style has always been as great as his paintings.

Pairing military fatigue pants with white tennis shoes is such a simple and universal look that it invites you to be a bit flamboyant in the rest of your outfit. Here, it’s all about color. ■ We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: rugby shirts are an excellent way to wear strong color – and even several bold colors in combinatio­n. Don’t hold back.

This outfit was inspired by a photo of David Hockney taken in 1971.

Polo, EDEN PARK. Pants, FURSAC. Glasses, LESCA. Socks, ADIDAS. Sneakers, ’70s, ADIDAS. Watch, ’80s, CARTIER.

A little showy? Why not? Here, the simplicity of a navy-pants-with-ivory-blazer combo frees you up to complete your look with an eye-catching jacquard sweater. Because our obsession with them hasn’t faded one iota. ■ Note for latecomers: jacquard isn’t the name of the design – it’s a knitting technique that can produce all sorts of amazing patterns. In this case, it’s a landscape.

This outfit was inspired by a photo of David Hockney taken in 1973.

Sweater, FURSAC. Jacket, BRUNELLO CUCINELLI. Pants, TOD’S. Glasses, LESCA. Tie pin, DARY’S. Sneakers, SUPERGA.

Does the “fun shirt” – a Brooks Brothers design from the 1970s – need any introducti­on? Of course not. These shirts, with their multiple stripe patterns, have been on our radar for a while now, and they’ve lost none of their appeal over the seasons. ■ Here, the fun shirt is worn open over a paint-stained T-shirt. A good opportunit­y to remind you that stains which just won’t go away despite numerous laundering­s can be displayed with pride – but only if they’re authentic and natural.

This outfit was inspired by a photo of Hockney taken in 1978.

T-shirt, ’70s. Shirt, ’90s, BROOKS BROTHERS. Pants, HARTFORD.

Striped silk knit ties rarely make any waves. That’s too bad because they can be extremely practical and quite fetching. ■ It’s not easy to sport a tie without looking dressed up, but that’s exactly the point here. For it to work, you have to leave the knot to itself, not fuss with the collar, forget you’re wearing a cardigan and pray that it all falls into place nicely and harmonious­ly. The less you think about it, the better it’ll look. Think about that.

This outfit was inspired by a photo of Hockney taken in 1976 (by Robert Mapplethor­pe, on Fire Island, New York).

Shirt, ’70s. Cardigan, LE MINOR. Glasses, ALF. Tie, POLO RALPH LAUREN.

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