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and the Rally variant goes from 850 mm to 870 mm. The Africa Twin 1100, too, has a seat height of 850 mm to 870 mm. The 850 GS has an 860-mm seat height. Don’t be discourage­d by the numbers on paper, though, because these bikes have been designed to ensure that most people can get their feet down regardless of their tall stance. So, swing a leg over the saddle and see for yourself; you might be surprised. Tech-wise, the Africa Twin’s DCT is brilliant, the Triumph, being the latest model of the lot, has all the toys such as a well-rounded smartphone connectivi­ty suite, and the 850 GS’ rear suspension is quite clever. So, there isn’t one that stands out in this respect. We would suggest that you call for all these bikes for test-rides, see which one you feel most comfortabl­e on and are most enamoured by, and take a call based on that. STAR LETTER Hello, Arunava, Interestin­g question. The 300V is a performanc­e oil and better suited for track-day machines than a daily-use Himalayan. There’s no harm in using it for your bike, but it would be a little bit like overkill, because the Motul 300V is an expensive oil for premium motorcycle­s and your Himalayan will run just as well on a more cost-effective semi-synthetic option from Motul. We hope that clears things up. • Reliabilit­y (very important for me) • Seat height less than 830 millimetre­s • Technology • Service network • Cost (not much of an issue) The Bajaj Pulsar 150 or TVS Apache RTR 160? Balaji Naga, via social media Dear Balaji, The two bikes are in the same segment but bring different qualities to the table. The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is relaxed, easy-going, and the more cost-effective option of the two. On the flip side, the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V is slightly more expensive, but offers a more engaging ride experience and better performanc­e. So, it all depends on which of the two aspects you favour. If you aren’t sure, take a test-ride on both. It will help you get more hands-on with the bikes and give you a better perspectiv­e to make your choice. Hello, Anthony, It depends on what you want to do with your adventure tourer. Firstly, if you are considerin­g the Africa Twin’s automatic variant, well, then there’s nothing else like it in the market ― quite literally. If you are looking at a machine primarily for touring and want a manual, the new Tiger 900 GT is a great option. If you want something that does a little bit of both, the Africa Twin is a highly viable option as is the BMW 850 GS. If you are looking to go trail riding every weekend, the Tiger 900 Rally is the pick of the bunch. In terms of service network, Triumph have been in India the longest and, therefore, have the widest spread from among all the premium brands that you are considerin­g. In terms of seat height, your 830-mm criterion is challengin­g in this segment. The road-biased Tiger 900 GT has an adjustable seat height from 810 mm to 830 mm (about the only one that will fit within the seat height limit you specified) 23 July 2020 Bike India

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