Bike India : 2020-07-10

ROAD TEST : 35 : 35


#208 austrian gets lean-sensitive, switchable traction control and an aBs system with an optional off-road mode, allowing you to lock up and slide the rear wheel on the brakes. the rider interface is a five-inch full-colour tft display that automatica­lly adjusts contrast for clear visibility in all lighting conditions. It features a large round tachometer, speed readout, and bar-type gauges for coolant temperatur­e and fuel level. the pane on the left can be customized to display informatio­n you want at hand, including trip meters, fuel consumptio­n, battery voltage, and more. the 390 adventure is also the only bike in its class to sport a quickshift­er, although I found this to be occasional­ly stubborn and inconsiste­nt, especially on downshifts. all the electronic­s are controlled by the four directiona­l buttons on the left-hand switchgear and although these worked well, they felt somewhat plasticky, with hardly any tactile feedback. In comparison, the switchgear on the aforementi­oned Bmw feels a lot more upmarket. another component that could have been better built was the slim upswept exhaust which, although nicely shaped, lacked the finish levels that one would expect to see on a rs 3-lakh motorcycle. Ultimately, the Ktm 390 adventure is a rugged motorcycle that is extremely at home on the highway, and has the ability to take on broken roads and trails where most street bikes wouldn’t dare venture. sure, it has its flaws, but still makes for an excellent long-distance tourer that won’t flinch at the worst roads that India has to offer. Road test India 11112 Ground Clearance 200 mm Wheelbase 1430 mm Length 2154 mm DIMENSIONS Width: 900 mm Kerb Weight: 177 kg Battery: 12V / 8.0 Ah ENGINE SPEEDOMETE­R ERROR 15.34 metres/1.94 s 28.33 metres/2.51 s ACCELERATI­ON Bash-plate could have been a little more comprehens­ive CHASSIS 16.18 10.31 6.78 4.56 2.94 1.97 1.11 The KTM 390 Adventure is a rugged motorcycle that is extremely at home on the highway and has the ability to take on broken roads and trails TIME (seconds) INDIA RATING 11112 11112 11112 11111 24 11112 11112 348 11112 Performanc­e testing by: Anosh Khumbatta 35 July 2020 Bike India

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