Bike India : 2020-07-10



the 398-cc, two-stroke, air-cooled parallel-twin develops 40 hp Specificat­ion Configurat­ion: aLiqr-uciodo-cleodotlew­doi-ns-tlrionkeef­our pVarlvaell-etlrtawini­n: dohC, eight valves 987 cc 63798x c7c0 mm VDaislvpel­a-tcreamine:nnta: DBoisrpela­xcSetmroek­net:: CBomrepxre­Sstsroiokn­e:ra6t4iox:6120m.2m:1 CFuoemllpi­nregs: sBiosncrha­ftuioe:l-6in.2je:1ction Fuelling: Maximum Power: Clutch: Maximum Power: Transmissi­on: Electrics: 2 x 28 mm XXXX mikunis dry single-plate 40 hp @ 7,000 rpm five-speed 12V battery; 40/30w headlamp TCrhanassm­siission: Front suspension: Six-speed 41.4-mm telescopic forks, no adjustment one damper, aFrdajumse­tm: teunbtufol­arrpsrtele­olacdradle familiar Yamaha instrument­ation of the time Chassis Rear suspension: Front bsuraspke:ntswioin:Btreelmesb­copciacl,ipneors, 2a8d5ju-mstmednist­cs Rear bsuraspke:nBsiroenm:btowcinals­ipheorc,k-absorbers, 2a28d5ju-mstambdlei­spcreload WFrhoenetl­bsr(aFk/Re:):S1in8g”/le172”6c7a-mstmaludmi­scinium RFreoanrtb­tryarkee::1S0i0n/g9l0e-21687a-vmomn WRehaeretl­ysr(eF:/R13):01/980-i-n1c7hacvao­snt WFrhoenetl­tbyarsee::910,/59106-1m8mavon SRSeatr htyerieg:h1t:0801/900m-1m8 WTahnekecl­baapsaec:it1y,3: Weight: Seat height: Tank capacity: Weight: Sduispcer Venom Saluupmeri­nVieunmom roadrunner avon roadrunner 3242 mlitmres 252 kg 800 with mm five litres of fuel 16 litres 165 kg wet range power that the biggest gains had been made. much of the rd350’s chassis was retained, but the new bike’s engine was rubber-mounted and sat further forward in the steel twin-cradle frame. other new features included the striking angular fuel-tank, complete with Yamaha’s familiar speed-block design, the neat seven-spoke cast alloy wheels, and the 267-mm rear brake disc, which replaced the 350’s drum and matched a similar disc up front. neat touches included the novelty of a light to warn of low oil level and the introducti­on of self-cancelling indicators ― which, for some strange reason, even Yamaha rarely fit any more. (So much for progress.) everything was present and correct on this bike, an unrestored and very clean machine that had covered less than 40,000 km since new. apart from a pair of honda mirrors, the only non-standard part was the fuel-tank which, the bike’s owner said, was from the near-identical rd250 (the original was damaged in a crash) and had a slightly different speed-block pattern. Sitting on the Yamaha rapidly reminded me why I’d fitted my own rd with aftermarke­t low “ace” bars and rear-set foot-rests, because for such a sporty bike the standard riding position is very sedate. the high handlebars sit you bolt upright in the seat and the footrests are set well forward. (Predictabl­y, this bike’s foot-rest rubbers showed the signs of contact with the road.) everything else was just as I remembered it, though, and the Yamaha certainly got the memories flooding back as I pulled away. FAR FROM SIMPLY BEING A BORED-OUT RD350, THE 400C FEATURED A MAJOR RESTYLE AND A COMPREHENS­IVE UPDATING OF THE ENGINE 61 July 2020 Bike India

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