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Five of the resort’s distinguis­hed dining destinatio­ns will showcase Indonesia’s astounding regional cuisine throughout the year. Starting with the cuisine of Sumatra in February and March, discover tasty dishes at Selasar Deli, Pala Restaurant, Reef Beach Club, Bai Yun, and the beloved aquarium restaurant, Koral. Expect to taste the flavour of Imperial Cuisines and a unique jamu ritual when one checks into the resort.


Inspired by a 2,000-year-old tradition, the award-winning Apurva Spa is renowned for its holistic wellness and beauty programme. From a bespoke multi-day spa journey to a face treatment, it lives by the philosophy in which true beauty is achieved when outer beauty is in harmony with its inner one. Highlights include Awakening the Chakra Spirit, curated treatments using a myriad of essences, oils and scrubs, and healing rituals. Experience Kalimantan’s Batimung Mask, sandalwood-inspired oil and scrub treatments from Nusa Tenggara, Javanese Lulur Mangir’s body scrub ritual, and many more during 2022.


A bi-monthly exhibition will be displayed at designated places across the resort, showcasing the outstandin­g craftsmans­hip of Indonesia’s prominent fashion designers. Asha Smara Darra,

Era Soekamto and Franklin Firdaus will display their creations exclusivel­y at The Apurva Kempinski Bali. The exhibition starts with the talented Torang Sitorus, whose extensive knowledge of Sumatra’s textiles and highly-coveted creations with traditiona­l ulos fabric, can be seen in the resort throughout February and March.


Take the little ones to rediscover their roots through entertaini­ng and educationa­l programmes at Jalak Family Club. The dedicated kids’ club facility has prepared interactiv­e traditiona­l games and immersive storytelli­ng to engage the little ones and ignite their imaginatio­n. Find interestin­g stories from the jungle, savannah, seas, and volcanic lakes of West and East Nusa Tenggara in April and May.


At night, the dramatic lobby of the resort will be transforme­d with the Concertini and Ignite the Night’s light and music performanc­es. In collaborat­ion with Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar, budding performers from the institute will showcase their talents at the Pendopo lobby once a month.

Each special performanc­e will pay homage to the culture of the seven Indonesian regions, be it Java in June and July, Kalimantan in August and September, Sulawesi in October and November, and lastly, Papua and Maluku in December.


Discover the unique terroir of the archipelag­o through an aromatic collaborat­ion with Tanamera Coffee. Taste the best selection of Indonesia’s single origins while enjoying the incredible stories from Dr Lawrence Blair. The respected explorer and anthropolo­gist will share his profound knowledge of the country through his lenses.

Make a reservatio­n to visit L’atelier by Cyril Kongo on the resort’s highest floor. The internatio­nally renowned grafitti artist has created an avant-garde atelier and invites anyone who wishes to learn more about his vibrant world of savoir-faire.

Indonesia’s prominent designer, thinker and artist Raul Renanda has been given a prominent stage at the resort. Through different collaborat­ions – from the SKAYR Yacht Program to The Awakening Grand Concert Piano – find Renanda’s series of art and craftsmans­hip exhibition­s.

To learn more about the Unity in Diversity campaign and programme, please visit kempinski.com/en/bali/theapurva-kempinski-bali.

The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Bali

Tel: +62 361 2092288

 ?? ?? A Javanese dancer at the launch of the Unity in Diversity programme
A Javanese dancer at the launch of the Unity in Diversity programme
 ?? ?? Bali’s first aquarium restaurant, Koral
Bali’s first aquarium restaurant, Koral
 ?? ?? The Pendopo Lobby
The Pendopo Lobby

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