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Ferrera joins 67 Pall Mall Singapore from the London branch where he worked as deputy head sommelier for two years. He is accustomed to the Singapore hospitalit­y, having worked at top establishm­ents, including Joel Robuchon and Bacchanali­a (now closed) a few years ago. We chatted with him soon after he landed in the lion city.

Roberto, welcome back to Singapore. Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I am a Spanish sommelier. I fell in love with wine in 2007 and since then, I studied wine at Barcelona University, won the best Spanish sommelier in 2019 and I am in the last stages of the Master Sommelier qualificat­ion right now.

How has the Master Sommelier journey been so far?

It is tough. I passed the theory and practical portion, but I couldn’t clear my practical this year. I came close, but it wasn’t enough. I am scheduled to take the tasting in Austria in August 2022.

Has Singapore changed since the last time you were here?

Singapore has a relatively young wine market, but it’s growing quickly – not just in number, but also in experience. People are becoming more adventurou­s, and open to trying new things. In recent years, we’re also seeing the sommelier community grow larger to cater to this demand, which is very encouragin­g.

Talk to us about your role as head sommelier at 67 Pall Mall Singapore. What can members expect from you and your team?

We are working close to having the same style as in London. Ahead of the club’s opening, I’m working closely with the team to put together a diverse and extensive wine list to cater to local tastes and preference­s. Together with my team of 15 sommeliers, we want to give members the opportunit­y to try new wines, discover new bottles or varieties that they enjoy.

Lastly, who are you here with? Is there a significan­t other in the equation?

No, but I came here with my wine books – all 100 of them! What can I do, it’s part of my life.

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