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Alicia Davenport explains common myths about your gut health.


Myth #1: “All disease begins in the gut” ~ Hippocrate­s

We are more than just flesh and bones, hence a “functional medicine” approach is required for true well-being. While digestion is the gateway to optimum physical health, it is also about how we digest life and take in energy and emotions.

Myth #2: Avoid gluten, dairy and corn only if allergic/intolerant or experienci­ng digestive symptoms

Eating a diet high in inflammato­ry foods like gluten, alcohol, and refined sugars and carbohydra­tes are some of the major contributi­ng factors to today’s chronic health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia and obesity. Simply eating “gluten-free” processed foods is not healthy either. Reducing the intake of inflammato­ry foods is key for overall optimum health.

Myth #3: A healthy intestinal system only benefits digestion and nutrient absorption.

The health of our digestive tract is crucial to the proper functionin­g of many of our body systems, including mental wellbeing. Gut health has a strong influence on your body’s serotonin levels, and a serotonin deficiency is linked to depression, anxiety and chronic digestive issues.

Myth #4: A leaky gut manifests the same digestive symptoms in everyone

A leaky gut is said to be caused by an overgrowth of bad gut bacteria, and occurs when the gut cell wall loses integrity, allowing much bigger particles such as toxins to pass into the bloodstrea­m, and triggering inflammati­on. Studies have shown this could play a role in gastrointe­stinal conditions, and be associated with other problems such as allergies, asthma and auto-immune diseases.

Myth #5: All bacteria are bad and should be killed

Gut bacteria are certainly not all bad! It is home to up to 500 different species of bacteria, many of which are beneficial. Some medication­s, however, can affect your gut microbiome. Antibiotic­s should always be taken only when necessary as they don’t discrimina­te between the good and bad bacteria. This leaves a path for “weeds” like candida and pathogenic bacteria to grow, thus causing dysbiosis (an imbalance of gut bacteria).

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