Business Traveller : 2019-09-01

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THE ST KITTS AND NEVIS CITIZENSHI­P BY INVESTMENT PROGRAMME The St Kitts and Nevis Programme RANKED NUMBER ONE for ease of processing, due diligence, and residency requiremen­ts in a special report by the Financial Times’ PWM magazine. SUSTAINABL­E GROWTH FUND The (SGF) LV WKH IDVWHU DQG PRUH DႇRUGDEOH URXWH WR 6W .LWWV DQG Nevis’citizenshi­p. The funds from the SGF also help develop socio-economic initiative­s that improve the lives of current and new citizens alike. I N V E S T. G R O W. . P R O S P E R WW W . CIU. G O V.KN 2017 OCTOBER businesstr­