Business Traveller : 2019-09-01

AIRLINE SURVEY 2020 : 73 : 73


KEY * ** *** AVAILABLE ON SELECTED AIRCRAFT POWER SOURCE NOT SPECIFIED 73 PORTABLE DEVICES AVAILABLE FOR HIRE AVOD ST CS FS AUDIO VIDEO ON-DEMAND (IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINM­ENT) STANDARD SEAT CRADLE-STYLE SEAT FIXED SHELL YES NO — INFORMATIO­N NOT SUPPLIED 3 2 CRADLE-STYLE (CS) 1 STANDARD SEAT (ST) 1 2 2019 SEPTEMBER businesstr­ SEAT PITCH The distance between seats, broadly regarded as legroom. RECLINE SEAT WIDTH Seat width is measured when the seat is fully upright, and is usually taken as the space between the armrests – so from the inside of one armrest to the inside of the other. It can also be the seat cushion width or even the distance between the outside of the armrests. ENTERTAINM­ENT As IFE systems become more sophistica­ted and are upgraded from simple multichann­el offerings to interactiv­e systems that allow for audio-video ondemand (AVOD), economy passengers benefit from the same range of choice as in business or first class, thanks to installati­on taking place throughout all cabins. Recline is particular­ly important if you are hoping for a decent night’s sleep. In premium economy, some carriers have introduced fixed-shell (FS) seats that recline into a hard plastic surround, rather than the space of the person behind you. Airlines take the measuremen­t in one of the following ways: From horizontal to the furthermos­t recline. From 90 degrees to the furthermos­t recline (given either in degrees or inches). From the upright, take-off position to the furthermos­t recline. 3