Business Traveller : 2019-09-01



Invest in your future health Health assessment­s at Bupa Cromwell Hospital Recent research indicates that individual­s who regularly undertake health assessment­s have lowered their risk of cardiovasc­ular disease, with reductions in BMI, blood pressure and smoking up to six years following a health assessment.1 A health assessment is more than a check up. Taking charge of your health now could be the start of a new journey towards a healthier, happier you. At Bupa Cromwell Hospital we offer Executive or Premier Health Assessment­s which include specific testing for men and women. If you require any additional tests, we offer bespoke programmes tailored to your needs. To invest in your future health speak to us today on + 44 (0) 207 244 4883. Alternativ­ely, email us at appointmen­­ or visit bupacromwe­­ssments to arrange for us to call you back. 1Alageel, S. and Gulliford, M. (2019). Health checks and cardiovasc­ular risk factor values over six years’ follow-up: Matched cohort study using electronic health records in England. PLOS Medicine, 16(7), p.e1002863.