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Short on space? No prob­lem. If your deck, pa­tio or front steps bask in sev­eral hours of sun­light a day, you can still grow enough herbs to keep your­self stocked. You can choose any con­tainer. Just make sure it has drainage holes. Hang­ing bas­kets work well too, but keep in mind they re­quire more wa­ter­ing than other con­tain­ers. For the most part, herbs thrive in pots (the ex­cep­tion are those few herbs grown for their long roots, such as horse­rad­ish).

Choose a good-sized con­tainer (at least 30cm wide), buy a bag of qual­ity potting mix, raid the herb sec­tion at your local gar­den cen­tre and you’re in busi­ness.

At this point, there‘s no need to mix in com­post or ex­tra fer­tiliser when plant­ing be­cause com­mer­cial mixes in­cor­po­rate these al­ready. Too rich a soil only en­cour­ages soft, lush growth that lacks flavour. Af­ter sev­eral months, when most of the potting mix’s fer­tiliser has leached out, then your pot­ted herbs will ben­e­fit from a reg­u­lar feed: once ev­ery 2-3 weeks, or even once a month, is fine. Don’t over­feed your herbs or the volatile oils will be­come di­luted.

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