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It’s im­por­tant to use high-qual­ity herbs for medic­i­nal pur­poses. If you de­cide to buy herbs un­til you have enough of your own to har­vest, make sure you buy the best qual­ity you can af­ford. They should look and smell al­most like they do when fresh: they smell strong, have a vi­brant colour, and you can taste them. That may sound ob­vi­ous, but think of the spices you buy from su­per­mar­kets: they smell and taste strong when you first open the packet, but af­ter a few months they lose their po­tency al­to­gether. There‘s no point con­tin­u­ing to use them be­cause by this time they have lost any flavour­ing they once had. It’s the same with dried medic­i­nal herbs. Af­ter a while, par­tic­u­larly if stored im­prop­erly, dried herbs will lose all their health prop­er­ties.

There are sev­eral good-qual­ity herb sup­pli­ers online, or find a spe­cialty health store that stocks qual­ity herbs. If pos­si­ble, buy or­ganic and read the la­bels to see where and how the herbs are grown. Use grow­ers with an hon­est and eth­i­cal rep­u­ta­tion who use sus­tain­able prac­tices. Ask the grow­ers if you are un­sure.

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